Our rental management service

Comfort pack:

Professional contact in case of accident.
G.L.I. Insurance (Unpaid Renter Guarantee).
Communication with insurance companies in case of accident and follow-up of claim files.
Follow payment and restart request if it late
Annual review of rents.
Monthly installments of funds (upon receipt of rent by the tenant).
Issuance of the notice of tenants.
Exit inventory and litigation follow-up with former tenants.
Telephone presence by your adviser.
Annual adjustment of rental charges + household waste tax.
Return of security deposit.
Management of payments by the CAF to the tenants.
Proposals of works on the property.
Project of declaration of property income.
Annual verification of the subscription to the « Multirisque Housing Insurance ».
Verification of the contract and boiler control (if boiler).
Management of the relation with the syndic (payment of charges, transmission of PV of AG).
  • G.L.I. Insurance (Unpaid Renter Guarantee) in addition: 2,10 % of the amount of the rent charges included.
  • Tax deduction: All the fees related to your property management are deductible from your property income.